At UA our most common skin concerns we see at the clinics are issues with skin pigmentation due to sun damage or hormones. It is one of the most visible signs of ageing and when treated well could really turn back the clock on your skin.

We live in beautiful Perth where sunshine is abundant all year round which is no wonder a lot of us suffer from over exposure to sun. We spend a lot of time educating our clients on the benefits of using Tyrosinase Inhibitors to treat and inhibit pigment production and also how to use their sunscreens effectively.

A lot of our clients forget simple things like re-application of their sunblock after 4 hours. There are many options available now with mineral makeup which includes a good quality physical block to make it easier to reapply sunblocks.

We also offer very effective treatments for pigmentation with our Laser and IPL treatments as well as medical grade peels and Vitamin C facials which all work well to lighten pigmentation.

But the best thing is we offer free consultations anytime with our dermal therapists and nurse and we are more than happy to chat with our clients about their concerns and really work on a treatment plan to help them achieve results.


Laser or IPL Treatments
4 weeks apart starting from $200 – $500 per treatment.
Usually required 2-6 treatments depending on pigment severity

Medical Grade Peels
4-6 weeks apart $160 per treatment.
Usually require 3-6 treatments depending on pigment severity

Vitamin C Facials
4 weeks apart $140 per treatment
Great maintenance treatment for radiant glowing skin.

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