Skin Tags & Lesion Removal

Achieve instant results with no stitches, no pain, no down time and no scars.

Old procedures which would often require a surgical excision and stitching often left patients with an unsightly scar. However using the Clinical Skin Clear system we are able to treat a wide range of benign skin lesions without any cutting or stitching thereby resulting in the best cosmetic results.

Small Skin Tags or Blood Spots disappear immediately and hyper-pigmented areas take only a few seconds to treat!

Suitable for

Minor skin irregularities, including capillaries, age spots, cherry angiomas, spider veins or skin tags.


Starting from $70 for small spot treatments.

Safe and precise removal

Clinical Skin Clear works non-invasively using combined radio and high frequency technologies that are attracted to the fluids in lesions and dries them out. The treatment offers an easy and precise removal of minor skin irregularities, including capillaries, without penetrating the surface of the skin.

Treatments are quick and small skin tags disappear immediately. Age spots only take a few seconds to treat.

The treatment is mildly uncomfortable and a topical anaesthetic is offered to those who find it very uncomfortable. For larger lesions, often a local anaesthetic is injected to minimise the pain.

The Clinical Skin Clear is a quick and effective treatment for:

• Hyperpigmented
• lesions
• Skin tags
• Spider naevi
• Cholesterol deposits
• Milia, Syringomas and Cherry Angiomas
• Telangiectasis
• Acne pimples
• Fibroma simplex
• Moles and Xanthelasmas
• Clogged pores and more

Frequently Asked Questions

+Will my lesion grow back?

Most raised lesions only require a single treatment, however some lesions are unpredictable and may regrow again. It is difficult for a doctor to predict which ones will regrow. Touch up treatments for moles or skin tag removal is not free and will need to have another treatment.

+What is my risk of scarring?

There is always a possibility of scarring. However in 99% of cases, the skin heals without any scarring.

+When will I see the effect?

The results are often instant.

+How long will it take to heal?

Healing time frames are minimal ranging from 1-2 days for skin tags, to just a couple of weeks for larger skin abnormalities.

+Who performs my treatment?

Some of these treatments are performed here by both the therapists and the doctor but in some situations, only a doctor should treat those lesions. In some situations, the treatment may be medicare rebatable.

There may be situations whereby the best cosmetic result is best obtained by surgically excising and suturing, but this will be discussed with your doctor. If there are any concerns that the lesions are not benign, they are automatically sent off to pathology to identify the lesion.

+What is the price?

Milia, Syringomas, Skin tags, Warts and Cherry Angiomas

Treatment with a Therapist / Doctor

  • $80 / $150 per lesion
  • $150 / $350 per 15-30 min session

Broken Capillaries on the nose

Treatment with a Therapist / Doctor

  • $80 / $150 per vessel
  • $150 / $350 per 15-30 min session

Moles and Xanthelasmas

Only performed by a Doctor

  • $150 per vessel