Wrinkle Relaxers

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Anti-wrinkle injections, or wrinkle relaxers, are the most effective treatment option for relaxing facial expression lines and softening fine lines and wrinkles.

Commonly treated areas include the frown, forehead, crow’s feet, brow lift, widened jawline, dimpled chin and gummy smile.

Suitable for

Unwanted fine lines and wrinkles.


Prices start from $170 per area

Why do we need wrinkle relaxers?

As we age, we begin to notice the formation of lines and wrinkles that occur with facial expression and movement. These are called dynamic lines.

Continued and repeated use of facial muscles combined with ageing factors such as volume loss, loss of subcutaneous fat, changes to facial bones, and loss and damage to collagen and elastin within the skin, these dynamic lines eventually form static lines, which become present at rest.

Dynamic lines that occur with movement can be treated successfully with anti-wrinkle injections. This effectively results in ‘wrinkle relaxation’ within the area of concern.

Areas that can be treated

Anti-wrinkle injections (wrinkle relaxers) are useful wherever there are dynamic lines or areas of overactive muscle. Areas that can be treated include:

• Frown lines
• Forehead lines
• Crow’s feet
• Bunny lines on the nose
• Dimpling of the chin
• Upper lip lines and corners of the mouth
• Square Jaw
• Gummy smile

Frequently Asked Questions

+Will the results be instant?

Wrinkle relaxers are actually absorbed into the neuromuscular junction and usually take 2-4 days to start working. The maximum effect may not be seen for up to two weeks. At this time, we will review your treatment to make sure it is perfect, ensuring you achieve natural-looking results.

+How long will the results last?

The muscle weakening and reduction of crow’s feet, forehead and frown lines usually lasts 3 – 4 months.

+What is the recovery time?

Patients may return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure. However, it is advisable to avoid intense exercise for the remainder of the day. Patients should also remain upright for the following 4-6 hours and not massage the injected area or use active cosmeceuticals that evening.

+Do I need to be a certain age to start wrinkle relaxer injections?

Age has very little to do with when you should and shouldn’t start using anti-wrinkle injections. The severity of your lines is the main determining factor. Patients who want to use these injections as a preventative measure can start treatment in their mid to late twenties. Otherwise, most wrinkle relaxer patients start treatment in their thirties. Depending on lifestyle and genetics, you may even find that you only need to start treatment in your late thirties – every patient is different.